Kazal fire protecting, fire fighting protection systems



Fire Protection Systems:
Wet Sprinkler Systems
Pre-Action Systems
Dry Systems
High Expansion Foam Systems
Underground Fire Supply System
with Optional Hydrants
Antifreeze Systems
Fire Pumps
Residential Sprinkler Systems
Design Services: We Specialize in...
Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems
Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems
Pre-action Sprinkler Systems
Deluge Sprinkler Systems
Storage Applications (RACK, ESFR, etc.)
Special Hazard Suppression Systems
Hydraulic Calculations
Aircraft Hangar Foam Systems
Consulting/Pre-Construction Services:
Design/Build Budgeting*
Bid and Construction Documents
Conceptual Cost Estimates
Drawing Review Services
Code Consulting/Compliance
Hazard/Risk Analysis
System Integrity Evaluation
Value Engineering (VE) Options
Hydrant and Fire Pump Flow Testing
Maintenance/Inspection Services
Installation and Remodels
Wet and Dry System Inspections
Pre-action System Inspections
Fire Pump Testing
5-Year Valve Competency Test
Backflow Testing
Additional Services:
Fire Extinguisher Inspections
Onsite Extinguisher Recharges
Onsite Extinguisher 6-Year Maintenance
Extinguisher 12-Year Hydrostat Test
Extinguisher, Cabinet and Sign Installation
Fire Hose Hydrostatic Pressure Test






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