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Jim Kazal :: President

As founder and President of Kazal Fire Protection, Inc., it is my proud honor to lead the individuals who make our company what it is today.  More than anything else, it is our people who make KFP a success and it is my philosophy that our service to each other must exceed even the excellent service that we provide to our customers.  My primary contribution to Kazal Fire Protection is to its people: to help them develop their full potential, both professionally and personally.  I can say with confidence that our management team as a whole is committed to this same vision.  In order to lead effectively, our team leaders exemplify service to our employees and clients, as well as continuing to hone their own leadership skills as we strive for excellence in all that we do.


Paul Gregg :: Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations it is my privilege and responsibility to ensure the efficient flow of information, product, and support from the office to the field operations, including fabrication, installation, and repair.  As the Operations Manager, I strive to foresee issues that may influence the free flow of this information and make corrections ahead of time.  It is my continued objective to evaluate, correct, and alter our methods in order to ensure that we continue to operate at the highest standard possible.



Paula Gregg :: Controller

I have been a proud team member of Kazal Fire Protection, Inc. for 14 years and, in that time, have witnessed and participated in the incredible growth of both the Company and her employees.  As Controller, I - along with my team - focus on improving efficiencies, decreasing overhead, forecasting revenues, and increasing profits.  Our company philosophy has not only allowed for my personal growth, but has provided me with the joy and privilege to develop and grow the people around me.  I am very pleased with our proud history, and look forward to what the future has in store.





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