August 1, 2018

Creating a Fire Evacuation Plan that Works for Your Business


Every business needs a fire evacuation plan in place. No matter what type of business you have, it’s important to develop an evacuation plan that will meet the specific needs of your workplace. In the event of a fire, you and your employees need to have a protocol to follow. Here are some of the elements that every business’s fire evacuation plan should include:


A floor map.

You’ll need a map of your business that provides a guide for how to get out of the building. All possible exit routes should be indicated on the map, and all building exits should be marked clearly. Make sure that fire extinguishers and other important points are also marked. Copies of this map should be posted prominently throughout the building, so that the information will always be clear to everybody.


A designated exit route.

Your fire evacuation plan should also include a specific path for leaving the building. This path needs to be easily accessible to everyone in the building, and it should be free of obstructions and adequately lit at all times. The exit path should take the shortest possible distance to the exterior of the building, if at all possible.


A post-evacuation protocol.

Once your team is outside, you’ll need to have a designated location where everybody can gather so you can do a head count. If anybody is missing, take their names down and pass them to the highest ranking official present. You should also have a plan to move to a different location if the fire worsens and puts your team in immediate danger.  


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