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ARE OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET, and we work diligently to help them stay safe on the job. Besides reviewing and monitoring our processes, we provide tools, regular safety training, and proper equipment so that our workforce is protected as they provide protection to others..

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Aviation Hangars

Aviation hangars pose distinct challenges when it comes to fire protection. Our incomparable experience with designing, installing, and maintaining High Expansion Foam, AFFF, and other foam systems makes Kazal uniquely suited for the aviation market.

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Commercial needs are as varied as the companies owning the buildings. Our in-house design and fabrication teams, and our ability to meet tight schedules due to sufficient manpower, have made Kazal the go-to choice for a wide range of corporations. From historic buildings and restorations to big box stores, malls, and large warehouses, Kazal is prepared, capable, and has the experience to meet whatever demands the job requires.

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Our expertise with specialty systems and our commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines mean we are trusted to install systems in some of the most prominent military bases in the Southwestern United States.

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Healthcare & Research

Health care is the second most regulated industry in the country, and our designers and installers are aware of its complexities. Kazal is well-versed in performing BIM-modeling, working within congested areas of new and functioning hospitals, and coordinating with other trades to ensure the safest and most efficient installations possible.

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Educational facilities don’t typically shut down for renovations. Our design and field teams effectively plan and work around congested areas in operating institutions and universities, making safety our number one priority. We utilize different work schedules when necessary in order to avoid areas where students are present so that there is no interruption to the day-to-day operations of the school.

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Multi-Tenant Housing

Resorts, hotels, motels, and dormitories are all examples of multi-tenant housing. Our fitters are certified in the use of PVC pipe and experienced with BIM coordination. Our resources allow us to progress efficiently through a project so that timelines and deadlines can be met.

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Resort & Entertainment Facilities

Kazal Fire Protection’s experience with entertainment facilities ranges from casinos to movie theatres to city-owned community and event centers and beyond. Our Design/Build capabilities, as well as our in-house design team, allow us to make rapid changes in planning in order to meet customer needs during construction.

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Our ability to work in occupied areas and our engineering capabilities allow Kazal to provide solutions to even the most challenging of environments. We design with your needs in mind and understand how to work around unusual architecture features.

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Industrial/ Manufacturing

Kazal has experience in different high-hazard classifications and all types of storage applications, including the ability to perform special piping when needed.

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Our employees are MSHA-trained and comfortable working in potentially dangerous situations. Kazal’s Vice President has an extensive background in mining and brings his expertise and understanding to the table as well.

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