With certified welders employed in our on-site fabrication department, customers have the peace of mind of knowing that the pipe and systems fabricated at Kazal are of the highest quality. We fabricate the threaded and welded pipe for all of our jobs, and we fabricate outside jobs as well — both inside and outside of the sprinkler trade. Beyond the piping needed, Kazal also has the capacity to fabricate specialized pieces for sprinkler systems, including stands, knee braces, and flange work. Production is timely, and we also provide local delivery and the manufacturing of fire pump house skids (see below).


Fire Pump House Skids

Beginning with a skid platform and a diamond deck, we manufacture modular, pumping systems that can be placed directly next to your building, saving much-needed space. These systems are piped out with a fire pump and controller, are connected to your building’s sprinkler system, and can even be climate-controlled! When it comes to your fire sprinkler system, these modular units can be a great solution to space-related issues.

Local Delivery

Because we employ certified welders on site, your local orders can be readied quickly and accurately. Our gooseneck trailer and stake bed truck are ready and waiting to deliver your pipe in a timely fashion.