October 1, 2018

Fire Safety Rules for Renters


There are lots of perks to renting your home instead of buying it. Renters have little to worry about regarding maintenance and repairs, for example. However, they must still exercise caution about public safety issues, like fire prevention and detection. It’s important for apartment dwellers to understand the potential risks, take all necessary precautions, and know what to do in the event that a fire breaks out somewhere in the building.


Escape Plan

Every tenant in an apartment building needs to know how to escape the building in an emergency. Families should identify more than one possible escape route out of the apartment unit and the building itself. They should also make plans for their pets in the event of a building fire.



Some apartment buildings ban the use of open flames at all times. If the building does allow candles, tenants must take care not to leave them unattended. Keep all candles away from any flammable materials, such as curtains.



Apartment fires are often sparked by meal preparation activities. Using oil or grease to fry foods can be particularly hazardous, and a grease fire can engulf a room within minutes. Every tenant should know how to put out a grease fire quickly. Never use water or any other liquid. Instead, immediately douse the flames with baking soda or salt. Other ingredients readily at hand in the kitchen may be combustible, and shouldn’t be used.



These days, most apartment buildings prohibit tenants from smoking indoors, with good reason. It compromises the health of everyone in the building, as smoke cannot be contained to one room or apartment. But smoking is hazardous for another reason: fire. If smoking does occur in an apartment, it shouldn’t be done near any flammable materials, such as armchairs, sofas, and bedding.


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