December 1, 2018

Knowing When to Replace a Fire Extinguisher


Every home and business needs at least one fire extinguisher onsite. While you should always call 911 right away if you notice a fire, you may be able to preserve property by using an extinguisher while waiting for emergency responders to arrive. Unfortunately, fire extinguishers don’t last forever. You don’t want to find out that your fire extinguisher is no longer functional at the time that a fire breaks out, so check yours regularly and know when to replace it. Most fire extinguishers last five to 15 years. However, yours might not come with an expiration date, so use the following steps to determine if you should replace it.


Checking for Signs of Damage

Inspect your fire extinguishers for signs of damage on a monthly basis. First, check the hose and nozzle. Are they obstructed with debris, cracked, or ripped? Replace the extinguisher if so. Next, check the handle. If the handle is wobbly or broken, or if the locking pin on the handle is unsealed or missing altogether, it’s time to get a new fire extinguisher. You’ll also need to replace the device if it has no inspection sticker or hang tag.


Checking the Gauge

In addition to inspecting the extinguisher for signs of damage, you should check the gauge every month. The needle should be in the green zone. This indicates that the extinguisher will function properly. If the needle is in any other zone, it’s time to get it serviced or replaced.


Replacing or Recharging After Use

If you need to use the fire extinguisher, you’ll need to get it serviced right away. The professional can recharge it so that it’s ready for another use. This is a good opportunity to ask the professional if the extinguisher should be replaced soon.


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