November 8, 2019

Holiday decorations and festivities can be a welcome break from the daily routine of the workplace. Holiday celebrations can also be used as a way to reward employees for a profitable and productive year. However, office managers and commercial property owners should be aware that with holiday celebrations comes an increased risk of structural fires. Follow these tips for better risk-management this winter.

Schedule an inspection of your fire detection and suppression systems.

If you haven’t had your fire protection equipment inspected and serviced lately, now is a good time to make that call. An expert technician can make sure your system is in good working order, or perform repairs if need be. Don’t forget that portable fire extinguishers also need to be inspected and serviced periodically.

Schedule staff training sessions.

Not many offices conduct routine fire protection training sessions. This is unfortunate, given the significant number of fires in commercial properties each year in the U.S. If you haven’t had a fire drill in a while, it’s time to plan one. Every staff member should know what to do and where to go in the event the fire alarm sounds. In addition, all staff members should know how to use portable fire extinguishers.

Use caution with lighting decorations.

String lights provide a festive glow around the office, but they are also a major fire hazard. Before putting up any lights, inspect them carefully. Discard any that show signs of damage, including frayed wiring and cracked connectors. Never hang up lights with nails, staples, or tacks, as this can damage the wiring. Always make sure that all holiday lights are turned off before shutting down the office for the evening.

Keep flammable objects safe.

All flammable holiday decorations should be kept away from heat sources. It’s best to purchase an artificial tree for the office, rather than a live one. Artificial trees are typically made from fire-resistant materials. In addition, you should prohibit candles in the workplace. Battery-operated faux candles are a good substitute.

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