June 18, 2018

What Restaurant Owners Need to Know About Fire Protection


Fire protection systems are absolutely essential for all restaurants. There are many sources of potential fires in a professional kitchen, ranging from faulty wiring to the burners. It’s in your best interests to contract with a professional fire protection company to ensure your system is sufficient for your building. This will not only reduce the risk of costly property damage from fires, but it will also minimize your risk of liability due to the injuries or fatalities of patrons and restaurant employees.


The Types of Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of your kitchen and dining area. One option for restaurants is a wet chemical sprinkler system. In contrast to a water sprinkler system, this wet sprinkler system distributes fire suppressant chemical material when a fire is automatically detected. This is crucial because, in a restaurant, two of the types of fires most likely to occur are grease and electrical fires. And of course, dumping water on a grease or electrical fire is a recipe for disaster. Although wet chemical sprinklers in the kitchen are a smart move, the dining area could be ideal for an automated water sprinkler system.


The Best Practices in Fire Protection

The most effective way to protect your business, employees, and patrons is to invest in a modern fire protection system. But this alone isn’t enough. You should also have the fire protection company conduct routine inspections. The equipment periodically needs to be checked and serviced so that it will work as it should if fire breaks out. Additionally, you can implement a training program for every employee so they will know what to do in the event of an emergency (and how to prevent one).


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