November 15, 2018

Which Building Materials Are Most Fire-Resistant?


During the planning process of new building construction, some thought should be put into the materials that will be used. It’s important to take fire safety into account during this stage, since using fire-resistant materials can save lives by slowing down the time that it takes a fire to spread throughout a building. These are some of the most fire-resistant building materials:



Concrete is highly resistant to heat, and it is noncombustible, so it’s generally considered one of the most effective building materials for slowing down fires. That’s one reason why it’s one of the most widely used materials for modern buildings. However, the amount and quality of the aggregate used in the concrete can affect its usefulness.



On an individual basis, bricks are extremely resistant to fire. When they are used in construction, however, their level of fire resistance is affected by the mortar that is used to hold them together. Despite this, brick remains one of the most fire-resistant building materials in common use, and it can be extremely effective at preventing disasters.



Gypsum is a non-toxic mineral that is used in gypsum board, also known as drywall. Drywall contains chemically combined water, which turns into steam when it comes into contact with fire. When combined with the glass fibers that are used to make the board, this results in a high level of fire resistance. For this reason, gypsum board is extremely useful in boosting the level of fire-resistance inside a building.


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